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Considering a Temporary Job in Reading, PA? Why it could be a great choice for you

March 12th, 2013

Looking for exciting work opportunities?  More flexibility in your schedule?  A bridge to direct employment?

Then a temporary job through Berks & Beyond may be a great choice for you.  If you’re new to the world of temporary work, or are unfamiliar with the advantages it can offer, here are a few reasons more and more workers are turning to temporary employment (courtesy of the American Staffing Association):

  • Great Jobs.  Ninety percent of all companies use temporary staff, so there are millions of jobs for qualified personnel. In fact, 2.98 million people each day work as temporary employees.
  • Flexibility.  Temporary assignments can last one day or several months. These assignments can be with all types of employers, including manufacturers, retail sales, financial institutions, government agencies, service companies and educational institutions.  When you work as a temporary employee, you choose when, where and how you want to work.
  • Broaden Your Skill Base.  Temporary employment is a great way to build your skills and advance your career quickly.  With each assignment, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your ability, gain more experience and make yourself more marketable.
  • Get Your Foot in the Door.  Temporary work gives you access to many potential employers and even more job opportunities. And because you work closely with your staffing company, you have a valuable champion that can help you land a great job in a lot less time!
  • Bridge to Direct Employment.  Working on assignment allows you to see what it’s like working for a prospective employer, while showcasing your skills.  If an employer is impressed with your job performance, they can work with your staffing firm to transition you to direct employment.
  • Competitive Wages.  To attract top talent, employers offer competitive pay for their temporary assignments. And if you have skills in an area where there is more work than workers, you can often earn better pay as a temporary employee.
  • Benefits.  As a longer term temporary employee, you may be eligible to receive holiday and vacation pay.  Often, you can also participate in health, dental, and vision insurance plans.  Plans vary from company to company, so be sure to ask about your staffing firm’s benefits offerings.
  • Training.  90% of all staffing firms provide free training for their contract and temporary workers.  Training areas range from word processing and spreadsheets to soldering and assembly.

Temporary staffing works.  Want proof?  Here is Tiffney Battle’s success story.  She’s one of the American Staffing Association’s Feature Staffing Employees:

They say great things come in threes. Tiffney Battle was living in a new city with her new baby—it was time for a new career. So she called a staffing firm she had seen at a recent job fair.

In three days, the firm found Tiffney a three-week assignment in the call center for a Fortune 500 company. That three-week assignment turned into three months of work. And then a permanent position.

“When I first took the job, I didn’t realize the temporary assignment would be a bridge to permanent employment,” Tiffney explains. “I couldn’t be happier.”

Tiffney was so pleased with her experience that she recommended six—that’s two times three—friends and relatives to the staffing firm.

“I’m on the road to independence,” she says with confidence. “In fact, I just moved into my own home. I’m building a strong foundation for my son, and I can take pride in my job.”

As a leading staffing service in Berks County and beyond, we’d like to help you create your own staffing success story.  Get started with Berks & Beyond today!

Tips for Troubleshooting Your Stalled Job Search

August 14th, 2012

You’ve tried everything.

You’ve applied for multiple jobs, gone on informational interviews, distributed your résumé to countless friends and associates, used LinkedIn to expand your professional network – and you still haven’t found the right job.

If your hunt for work is not producing the results you want, it’s time to critically examine your job search strategy.  Use this list of problematic “symptoms” to diagnose where things may be going wrong and take corrective action to get yourself back on track:

I can’t seem to find enough job leads.

If you simply can’t find jobs to apply for, your focus may be a bit too narrow.  Make sure you focus on a field that is relevant (e.g., it may be time to get out of typewriter sales) and prevalent in your geographic area (e.g., if you’re a deep-sea fisherman, Missouri is not the state for you).

Alternately, you may not be looking in the right places for your job leads.  Job boards are certainly a logical place to start looking for work, but they shouldn’t be your only source.  Target the “hidden job market” – jobs that aren’t advertised – by enlisting the help of friends, former co-workers, your alumni network, other professional contacts – and of course, by registering with Berks & Beyond.  As a leading employment agency in Central and Southern Pennsylvania, we fill countless positions that never even make it onto a single job board or classifieds page.

I’m sending out my résumé, but not getting any interviews.

Read this blog post to make sure that your résumé is up to today’s tough standards.  At a minimum, customize your résumé for each position so that your skills and experience closely reflect the job requirements.

If you fear your résumé is simply getting lost in a sea of competition, call the company directly to find out who the hiring manager is.  If possible, use your contacts within the company to obtain an introduction and advance your candidacy.  Don’t have any contacts there?  That’s okay.  With a little research and phone work, you may be able to get the name of the hiring manager and mail a copy of your résumé directly to him.

I can land the interview, but I’m not getting called back.

Your interviewing skills may be to blame.  In any interview, it’s critical to make a connection with the potential employer and sell your value.  Make sure your answers are focused and highlight professional accomplishments relevant to the questions you’re asked.

Of course, the best way to improve your interview skills is through practice.  Rehearse the answers to common interview questions with a trusted friend, and use these interview tips from Berks & Beyond to make a great first impression.

Get Your Job Search Back on Track with Berks & Beyond

If your job search has stalled, don’t get discouraged – get back on track with Berks & Beyond.  We’ll listen to your needs, learn about your skills and experience, and then present you with work opportunities that are a perfect match for you.  Contact us today to learn more about job opportunities throughout Central and Southern Pennsylvania.

Need a Great Summer Job? Temping is the Option for You

May 3rd, 2012

School is winding down and the weather is heating up.  It’s hard to believe, but summer’s just around the corner!

If you’re looking for a job in Carlisle, Harrisburg, Allentown, Reading, Pottstown or York – or anywhere else in Central or Southern Pennsylvania – it’s time to contact Berks & Beyond.

During the summer, many employers scramble to fill vacancies, complete special projects and staff for their busy season.  They rely on our temporary and contract staffing services to help them accomplish these goals.

So whether you want to:

  • earn money during the summer months;
  • obtain flexible employment that fits your schedule;
  • build your résumé and learn new skills;
  • or get your foot in the door with Pennsylvania’s leading employers;

Berks & Beyond has opportunities that fit your schedule, desired environment and salary requirements.  In most cases, employers plan their summer staffing needs in advance – now is the time to register with us!

Applying is quick and simple.  The best way to send us your résumé is to select a job from our listings, or you can contact a recruiter online (if you are not applying for a specific position).  Either way, please know that our services are provided to you at no cost.  New opportunities arrive daily, so check our Pennsylvania job listings frequently.

If you’re interested in something more than a “summer gig,” temporary work is also a great way to find direct employment.  According to the American Staffing Association:

  • 88% of staffing employees say that temporary or contract work made them more employable.
  • 77% of staffing employees say it’s a good way to obtain a permanent job.
  • 80% of staffing clients say staffing firms offer a good way to find people who can become permanent employees.

So whether you need a short-term assignment, or are searching for a more permanent work arrangement, Berks & Beyond can provide the perfect opportunity for you.

Succeed on the Job by Fitting in from Day One

October 11th, 2011

To succeed in any new job or assignment, you must do more than merely perform your job duties well.  You need to learn how to navigate the sometimes tricky waters of a new culture, including a whole host of “unknowns,” such as:

  • Will the work environment be fast paced or laid back?
  • Will you mesh well with your new co-workers?
  • What will your supervisor think of you?
  • How will you fit in?

Use this list of suggestions to thrive on the job by fitting in from day one:

  • Observe. From the moment you walk in the door, pay attention to others – how they interact, dress, maintain their workspaces, etc.  By simply observing, you can learn a lot about how the company operates on a daily basis.  Find out who the most successful team members are and take your cues from them.
  • Be flexible. Be open to changing the ways you approach tasks, communicate with others and structure your work day.  The company probably has well-established ways of getting things done and expects you to conform to their standards.
  • Be courteous and respectful. One of the best ways to win over new co-workers and supervisors is by using good business etiquette.  Treat everyone with respect by being considerate of others’ workloads and meeting your commitments on time.  If you are working in close quarters or open spaces with others:  use a quiet tone when speaking; keep your cell phone off or on vibrate; keep socializing to a minimum.  Remember that everyone has work to do, including you.
  • Dress for success. Your clothes influence the way your manager and co-workers perceive you.  While on the job, avoid fashions that are too trendy, revealing or casual.  Make a good impression by dressing appropriately for your position, or one notch above.
  • Beware of office politics. Office politics are part of the interactive process of working together toward individual, team and company goals.  While on a short-term assignment, the best choice is to steer clear of these dynamics.  If you’re on a long-term assignment, or have accepted a direct position, however, you need to learn to cope with them.  Learn how to compliment and not criticize; disagree without being disrespectful; stay above gossip by not spreading rumors.  Establish a reputation as a hard working, positive employee who is not a part of the rumor mill, and you’ll be off to a good start.

Find a Great Fit with Berks & Beyond

If you’re looking for a job or temporary assignment in Central or Southern Pennsylvania, we invite you meet in-person with one of Berks & Beyond’s staffing professionals.   Together, we can discuss what type of job works best for you, the environment you like, your strengths and your salary requirements.

With years of award-winning staffing experience, Berks & Beyond knows that a good fit means more than matching skills.  To find the right opportunity for you, we will start by listening to you!  Then, we’ll carefully match your career goals, experience, talents and strengths with the company’s culture and the skill and talent requirements of the job.  Contact us today and find a great fit with Berks & Beyond.

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