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Berks & Beyond’s Payroll Services: Simplify Administration, Reduce Liability and Save Money

February 22nd, 2011

Have you recruited a new employee with great potential, but want a trial period to evaluate him on the job?

Are you trying to work around a hiring freeze?

Would you like a more efficient way to manage seasonal help, interns or contractors?

These are just a few of the reasons employers like you throughout Pennsylvania use payroll services.  This flexible outsourcing solution helps them reduce the cost and simplify the process of payroll administration.  Here’s how the service works:

  1. You transfer an employee or candidate you’ve sourced onto the staffing firm’s payroll.
  2. The staffing firm handles all required paperwork and becomes the individual’s employer of record.
  3. The staffing firm then manages the entire payroll process, from payroll taxes to W-2’s.  Additionally, they are responsible for unemployment and workers’ compensation.
  4. You keep control of your employees by setting pay rates, assigning jobs and managing their activities.

Payroll services are a simple solution with a variety of benefits:

  • Save time, money and work by offloading employee payroll processing.
  • Mitigate employment risk.
  • Lower employment costs such as workers’ compensation insurance, unemployment insurance and benefits.
  • Reduce the hidden costs associated with hiring and termination.

Are payroll services right for your business?

Learn more about the features and benefits of Berks & Beyond’s Payroll Services by contacting one of our staffing service branches in Harrisburg, Allentown, York, Pottstown, Reading or Camp Hill directly.  Our staffing professionals will help you assess your workforce challenges, to determine if payroll services make sense for you organization.

Autumn Harrisburg Happenings

October 21st, 2010

Apple orchards, pumpkin patches, haunted hayrides…this is what autumn in Central Pennsylvania is all about.  If you’re looking for some seasonal fun, here are a few links that offer a little something for everyone:


Easter Seals Scarecrow Competition and Halloween Hoedown

Where:  Brown’s Orchard – Emigsville 3100 North George Street, Emigsville, PA 17318, 717-767-4142

When:  Saturday, Oct 23, 2010, 11:00 am Price Info Not Available

This event is planned by Easter Seals of Central PA to benefit their organization.  The scarecrow competition is followed by a silent auction.  Pumpkin treat contest at noon.  Winner announced immediately following the judges’ decision.


Strites’ Orchard Farm Market and Bakery

Where:  1000 Strites Road, Harrisburg, PA 17111, 717-564-3130

Open:  Monday through Friday 8am to 7pm, Saturday 8am to 5pm, Closed Sundays

Pumpkins, pick-your-own apples, pumpkin patch-pick in the field, pumpkin patch- already gathered from the field, fall festival, corn maze, honey from hives on the farm, cider mill (fresh apple cider made on the premises), gift shop, snacks and refreshment stand.

Free Halloween Party at the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center

Where:  Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center, Herr St. and Susquehanna St., Harrisburg, PA 17102, 717-441-7506

When: Sunday, Oct 31, 2010

Please contact the Arts Center for more details.

Tips for Reorganizing Your Work Space

July 1st, 2010

Do you need to reorganize your work space?  If you’re not sure, ask yourself:

  • Do your employees have sufficient space to complete their work?
  • Is your workplace healthy, providing clean air and water, enough light (natural or artificial) and an environment free of distracting noises and smells?
  • Is the workspace flexible enough to quickly adjust to industry-related changes?
  • Are workers able to maintain comfort by adjusting light, temperature, furnishings and acoustic levels to their needs?
  • Are your technology and physical plant (heating, cooling, water, plumbing) systems reliable?

If you answered “No” to one or more of these questions, your workplace may benefit from an update.  Here are some important points to consider before you start:

  • Define the Image You Want to Project.  What would you like employees, potential and current clients to think and feel when they step inside your workplace?  Use this as a backdrop against which improvements will be made.
  • Size up your Current Space.  What really goes on in your workplace each day?  Take a step back and examine how your space is used right now:

Layout.  How well does your existing floor plan function?  Shadow different types of employees to determine whether the layout helps or hinders them in their efforts to get work done. 

Usage.  How evenly is your space utilized?  Stop by cubicles, offices and conference rooms every half-hour to uncover areas that are chronically empty or overcrowded.

Workarounds.  Do employees use their space, furnishings and equipment as intended?  Examine your environment to see if it supports or thwarts employees’ work processes.

  • Involve Your Staff.  Getting employee feedback on dysfunctional workspace elements is vital to your efforts; however, asking employees what they want may lead to unrealistic demands (not everyone can have a corner office with a built-in coy pond).  Gather employee input throughout the redesign process, but remind them that the new design will beneficial (not perfect) for everyone.
  • Look 5 or 10 Years Down the Road.  Do you have plans to expand, merge or move?  Any of these will impact the amount you invest in a current workplace redesign.
  • Determine Your Goals.  Once you’ve identified your biggest issues, decide which ones you want to attack.  Choose four or five priorities to address, such as increased collaboration, improved productivity or more efficient use of space.

Need to Reorganize Your WorkFORCE?

Admittedly, we don’t specialize in commercial interior design.  But, we at Berks & Beyond are experts at helping you redesign your workforce.  We can show you how to use staffing to save money, improve productivity and run a “lean and mean” organization.  Contact us today to learn more.

Ways Staffing Services Can Decrease Employment Costs

June 29th, 2010

The time and costs associated with recruiting, screening, testing and hiring employees are significant.  So why do it? 

If your personnel needs are short-term, seasonal or project-oriented, consider working with a staffing service.  A staffing firm can provide access to the talent you need, while eliminating many employment related expenses, including:

  • Recruiting.  A staffing service can assume responsibility for advertising, posting positions online, screening résumés, interviewing and checking applicant references.  Most will also administer drug testing, when required.
  • Training.  Temporary employees come to your firm armed with the skills and experience needed to do the job.  If necessary, many staffing firms will custom-design training and orientation programs to meet your needs.
  • Benefits.  A temporary worker is an employee of the staffing firm.  As such, the staffing firm assumes responsibility for any benefits their employee may receive.
  • Administration.  By using temporary employees, your HR department eliminates the added headaches associated with payroll processing.  The staffing firm handles all legal and administrative responsibility for payroll processing, paying workers’ compensation and unemployment premiums, and managing tax and government reporting.
  • Bad hires.  If you aren’t happy with a temporary employee’s work ethic or performance, you have the right to end the assignment any time.  And if you need a direct hire, consider starting potential employees as temporaries.  This way, you can find out if a new employee has the skills and attitude you need before making a hiring decision.

For more information about our temporary staffing services for Central and Southern Pennsylvania employers, please visit Berks & Beyond’s website.

Ready to Work: Forklift Operator; Maintenance Specialist; Driver

October 6th, 2009

The following top candidates are highly skilled, motivated, and ready to go to work for you:



Candidate Initials:  J.A.

Skills and Experience:  12 yrs. as a certified forklift operator; 18 yrs. welding experience; custodial work.

Education:  H.S. Diploma

Desired Pay:  $10/hr.



Candidate Initials:  M.M.

Skills and Experience:  Over 15 yrs. maintenance experience; electrical, mechanical, painting, plumbing, mig/tig/stick welding, inventory/stock, UPS shipping, machine operator, dry wall, roofing, forklift.

Education:  H.S. Diploma; vo-tech for construction

Desired Pay:  $15/hr.



Candidate Initials:  R.C.

Skills and Experience:  6 yrs. truck driving experience; limo driver, stock/warehouse, inventory, material handler, order selector.

Education:  H.S. Diploma

Desired Pay:  $10/hr.

To learn more about any of these candidates, please contact Katie at or call 610.435.9270.

Using Temporary Employees to Relieve 10 Common Business Headaches

July 28th, 2009

Everyone knows a contingent worker can act as a quick fix when a secretary or line worker calls in sick at the last minute.  But if that’s the only way you think temporaries are good for you, you may be underestimating their value as true pain relievers.

Here are some common aches and pains you may face at work, and Berks and Beyond’s prescriptions for using temporary help to cure them:

  1. High fixed expenses.  Bring in expertise on an as-needed basis.  Temporaries with specialized skills can deliver the experience and skills you need without impacting fixed expenses.  If your business faces an unknown future, consider using temporary staff – just when you need it – to keep your workforce lean and flexible.
  2. Wasting time on non-critical activities.  Free up your employees’ time to focus on core competencies.
  3. Paying benefits.  Limit your benefits expense by using contingent workers.
  4. Meeting tight deadlines.  Bring in temporary employees – even at the last minute – to help you complete projects on time and on budget.
  5. Bad hires.  Let a staffing service assume this risk for you.  If you need a permanent employee, use a temp-to-hire service and evaluate the candidate on the job before making a final hiring decision.
  6. Training.  Reduce training costs and learning curves by bringing in temporary employees who are trained and have experience using the skills you need. 
  7. Turnover.  When you use temporary employees in high turnover positions, the burden for replacing those workers (recruiting, training, etc.) is on the staffing service’s shoulders.
  8. Seasonal crunch-time.  If your business has predictable surges in demand, a planned staffing option may be right for your business.  With this tool, temporary employees supply the extra help needed to complete work only during your busy periods.  As an added benefit, planned staffing will reduce layoffs.  When things slow down, you let the contingent staff go and hold onto your employees.
  9. Overtime.  Use temporary help to avoid paying higher overtime rates and eliminate the employee burn-out it causes.
  10. Lack of expertise.  Bring in temporary executives, professionals or technical gurus to teach new skills to employees in your organization.  Use their expertise on a short-term basis to complete a special project, or until your core employees have learned the new skills needed. 

No panacea exists for every challenge you face on the job. But for headaches like the ones listed above, Berks and Beyond can provide staffing services that are just what the doctor ordered.

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